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We love pets and the people who care for them. We know that pets make messes, and we’ve been in the businesses of cleaning those up since 1955.


The Best Care For Your Best Friend

Pets provide so much love and happiness to make our lives better; at Nilodor we only use nature’s best ingredients to make their lives better too.

Nilodor supports local animal shelters, 4-H clubs and other local non-profit organizations by donating products through our Pet Partner Program. Interested in becoming a local Pet Partner? Email info@nilodorpets.com and let us know how we can partner with you!


Our Core Values Define Our SPIRIT

Stewardship • Passion • Integrity • Respect • Innovative • Trust



Our chemists and microbiologists practice a high degree of quality control standards. Nilodor is an EPA-regulated facility that practices FDA microbial standards for our pet-care products. As part of the quality control testing, every bulk batch of pet products undergoes microbial testing before production. Once produced, the sample goes through the same micro testing to ensure microbial purity on both ends of the spectrum before the product leaves our doors. Nilodor’s emphasis on product development, product performance, environmental concerns and regulatory protocols in our quality control lab ensures the best care for your best friend.



As part of the Tranzonic companies, we have a corporate headquarters in Cleveland, OH with manufacturing locations in Bolivar, OH and Knoxville, TN. Our EPA registered liquid and granule manufacturing plant in Bolivar has over 65,000 sq. ft. of space for our laboratory, manufacturing and warehouse facility.

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The Nilodor Pet Promise: We promise to make products that are safe for people, pets and the environment. No NPE’s: We guarantee our products to be free of nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants (cleaning agents), or NPEs. In humans and animals, NPEs can cause reproductive disorders, endocrine disruption, and birth defects as well as being toxic to aquatic life when released into the environment. No Prop 65 Warnings: California Proposition 65 identifies chemicals that are known to the state of California to be connected to reproductive and carcinogenic risks. No paraben preservatives or DMDM Hydantoin: There is extensive research surrounding the link of paraben preservatives to adverse health effects such as breast cancer. Due to this potential link, no paraben preservatives are used in any Nilodor formulation. DMDM Hydantoin is a formaldehyde-donor meaning that as time passes from the date of manufacture, small doses of formaldehyde are being released into the product which, even in small doses, can cause serious health concerns.


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